Acquisitions and Mergers

In the field of mergers and acquisitions, PP Consult, a.s. (Jsc.) has a team of erudite experts, who enable to provide the client with counselling in all the phases of this demanding process, starting from implementation of the preliminary due diligence, on the basis of which we shall prepare the proposal for further procedure. After its approval, we are prepared for its complete implementation, including the handling of tax and accounting issues and preparation of the contractual securing of the assumed transactions.

Within the framework of acquisition and merger projects, we closely cooperate with a lawyer’s office having at its disposal a team of lawyers with long-term experience in this legal field, which arranges the present transactions on the legal side.

Compared to other consulting companies, our advantage is the ability to provide turn-key delivery of complex services. The scope of services we provide in this area depends only on the decision of the client.

We provide counselling for our clients and secure execution of our recommendations mainly in the following areas:

  • Sale, purchase of company or its parts
  • Business share transfer share purchase
  • Capital entry into companies
  • Division of companies
  • Company merger or fusion